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Jessica W.

My husband and I have had nothing but great experiences at Munroe. From the moment you walk in, everyone is extremely helpful, kind and compassionate. The ladies at the front desk are wonderful, in the waiting area they have coffee (the way to my heart) and a kids corner with toys & books. We've been seeing Dr. Matt since February and he's fantastic! All of the doctors are incredibly knowledgeable and truly have your best interests at heart. Definitely make an appt at Munroe :)


Kristy S 

Words cannot even begin to describe my level of happiness and gratitude I have for the ENTIRE staff at Munroe Chiropractic. I have been coming here for years and have referred so many other ppl (I’ve lost count) I knw that are all equally as impressed w the entire staff. From the moment you call, you are treated w the kindest most accommodating desk staff. When you come in for your appt you are welcomed w smiling faces. I regularly see Dr. Ken or Dr. Aaron.... but have also had adjustments from the other Drs as well. And have been very happy w the adjustments also. . To anyone that is thinking of chiropractic care for the first time, or thinks they need to find a different practice..... well look no further, Munroe Chiropractic is the Only place you shld go....


Kathy M 

I started here in July of 2018 with Dr. Safeya. I was about 6 weeks post partum and after a failed epidural during delivery i was struggling to walk and care for my daughter. Dr. Safeya worked with me to get me back so i could care for my baby girl. My daughter now goes to her too and she is just so caring and loving. The entire staff is joyful and pleasant. I wish all my medical providers still had this much passion and concern for their patients. Cant recommend them enough!


Dominic B

I had a fall on a snow covered hiking trail at Lake Louise Alberta Canada on vacation and the fall must have mislocated a rib. When i got home on Sunday I went directly to Munroe Chiropractic and Dr. Andrew was there to adjust my rib - he did it with one treatment and i was fine afterwards. I tell all my friends that have back and leg pain to go to Munroe Chiropractic for treatment and i truly mean it. 


Alicia A 

I have been experiencing lower back pain on and off for years. When it comes on, it is out of nowhere, and causes extreme shooting pains, muscle spasms, and ongoing pain for at least a week at a time. For the last 10 days, I was experiencing my most severe flareup to date - well, that was until I went and saw Dr. Aaron this morning! I have never been to a chiropractor before and Dr. Aaron came very highly recommended to me. I went in this morning, not knowing what to expect. I walked out feeling 100% better! I am in disbelief with how well the adjustments worked, and how immediate the results were. Dr. Aaron is very friendly, energetic, and makes you feel completely comfortable and at ease. He also is a extremely knowledgeable and talented. The office staff are very friendly and helpful. Also the prices of the visits are so affordable. One visit is the same as my insurance co-pay, and I don't have to deal with the hassle of going through my insurance company! My only regret is that I waited so long to go to Munroe. Thank you Dr. Aaron and Munroe for giving me the care, and treatment that I needed to feel like myself again!


Lisa D 

Best Chiropractic office i have ever been to. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, the doctors were able to fix my sciatica problem within 2 adjustments, they have the newest chiropractic tables & tools to give anyone the best Chiropractic adjustment before sending them on their way. Walk-ins welcome.I would highly recommend any of the doctors at Munroe Chiropractic to get you aligned and feeling your best.


TJ s

I've had hip n groin pain that has limited my performance for the last three years and in one visit Matt has changed not only my quality of life but also how savage I can now be at my next mixed martial arts event lol..  these guys are the truth 


Joshua P

Been going to Munroe for almost 15 years and never have i had a bad experience. No matter which doctor you see they are all professional and knowledgeable. Each has a unique approach or speciality if you will, which is beneficial for getting all problem areas. Would defiantly recommend to anyone for more than just back issues. Especially for those who are skeptical of chiropractic or first timers. 


Cassandra V 

Friendly and happy during my visits! She concentrates on my
specific areas of need and goes above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. I have also worked with Dr. Aaron and Dr. Ken, both also very friendly and happy doctors. I recommend Munroe Chiropractic to all friends/acquaintances who are in need to chiropractic care. Open 7 days a week to meet your needs, very skilled doctors who are ready to listen and make you feel better!!
My entire family uses Munroe Chiropractic and yours should too! Let’s not forget the amazing ladies who run the front desk, always smiling and greeting you upon arrival and departure. Thank you for all you do :-)


Brian L 

I work  construction and in unforgiving environments. Dr. Munroe and his staff have been excellent.  Not only do they help with your injuries, they recommend excersies to prevent similar injuries. I highly recommend them


Joe A 

I feel great, before coming to Munroe Chiropractic i wanted to have surgery to ease the pain. Now, i feel that no surgery is need. All pain levels have ceased and i am so thankful for the results of the Spinal Decompression table


Lisa M 

I love coming to this office! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, and the doctors are all great! The staff makes sure you are seen whenever you need to get an appointment and Dr. Safya is awesome! She listens to me, makes helpful suggestions and always has me leaving feeling much better. I have recommended her to my entire family. 


Winsten D 

Prior to treatment i was awakened at night with back pain. After the very first treatment, i have not awoken in pain. Ive had previous decompression in 2 other office and they did not have the same benefit. I can finally sleep through the night and walk without any pain, discomfort or weakness in my right leg. 


Roni C 

I'm Roni and I've been seeing Dr. Aaron since September 2018 & his service and staff is extremely professional and always friendly. They serve snacks, teas, even have a contest each month. I love the happy environment, the awesome staff and how they decorate the office for each holiday. I've had to bring my younger kids and they never made me feel out of place or like it was a hassle. Thank you for all that you do. 


Dave F 

Spinal decompression has significantly reduced my discomfort and limited mobility from a 8/10 pain level to less than 1. Because of the professional services rendered by Munroe Chiropractic, i am a happy camper!


Laura A

**Attention pregnant ladies!!** I was told by my OB/GYN - when suffering with horrific sciatica during the 2nd trimester - "Don't let anyone but this doc touch/adjust you." He was referring to Dr. Ken. I thought there was NO WAY anyone would be able to help me. I had gone to PT, massage, done the exercises, etc etc etc... Nothing was helping. Well, Dr. Ken is my new best friend!! (haha!) I sing his praises to everyone. He truly corrected the problem. I was totally numb on the bottom of my foot and had burning/shooting pain down my leg - could barely walk - and it was 100% corrected. I just had to trust in his expertise and listen to his advice about discontinuing certain activities, etc. Truly an amazing practitioner. I was warned by several women the sciatica would come back at the end of my pregnancy, but - nope! - it absolutely did not. I am completely convinced it was his expertise, competence, and care. He really does care about helping his patients heal. I am officially a believer!! Thank you, Dr. Ken! I will never forget how you helped me during this, my first pregnancy! Can't wait to bring baby over to introduce you... She will be here any day now!


Krystle C 

I have seen both Dr. Safeya and Dr. Aaron at this practice, they have both been fantastic. I've never had an issue scheduling an appointment, even same day if i was having pain. They do not take insurance, but the visits cost about what a co-payment would be anyways, and they have family discounts if you go for adjustments on the same day. The front office staff is also wonderful, and the girls always remember me and ask about my daughter, which is surprising and lovely for such a big practice. 


Dan D 

Wish i could give a million star rating! I have been a patient of Dr. Munroe for almost 25 years. I have 3 herniated discs with pinched nerves. Thanks to Dr. Ken with his years of experienece along with his awesome staff, I have been able to avoid surgery and continue with a normal life. I highly recommend Munroe Chiropractic 


Nikki R 

 Dr Aaron and Dr Matt are magic! They determine what is wrong, fix you, and give you an estimated number of times you'll have to come back. The doctors and staff show you how regular chiropractic care is good for your health but they're not pushy. I'll never go anywhere else!


Tom S

Dr. Safeya Muhammad gave me my first ever chiropractic treatment this evening. She is very personable and funny, you can tell the Dr. Loves what she does. I felt great leaving, also felt good that the Dr. took the time to do X-ray of my spine to make sure it was good to proceed. 10/10 on everything. Thank you Dr. !

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